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 LightWave 11.6 and NevronMotion Final Releases Now Available » Offers advanced previsualization, production and 3D printing tools in LightWave 11.6; NevronMotion plug-in for the Microsoft Kinect camera captures and retargets motion in LightWave 11.6
 ChronoSculpt Software Final Release Now Available » Delivers powerful time-based sculpting of geometry cache animation and error correction for cached dynamic simulations from 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, LightWave 3D, Modo, Cinema 4D software and more
 Indie Filmmaker Reveals Superhero’s Past in LightWave 3D » Filmmaker Mark Kochinski has created a fictitious masked comic-book hero and is making a movie spanning the decades of his character’s existence from the 1930s to the ‘90s.
 LightWave Creator's Winter Session 2013 - Tokyo, Japan » Dstorm's live event covers trends in 3DCG production with LightWave and the top artists using the technology
 ChronoSculpt Modeling Software is Simply a Delight » With simple tools that allow you to work directly with cached geometry its a real delight to use


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 • Fioriera a base quadrata
 • Grigliati in legno Unopiù
 • Random Rotate Each Poly
 • 3D Boolean
 • Scala Lineare v0.6
 • XYZChan2Linear
 • Scala a Chiocciola v1.5.1
 • Ghiaccio
 • MoveProgressivo-Skin
 • ALP_Face_Icon_v001

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Calcolatore costo per render still


 LightWave 11.6 e NevronMotion Final Releases

LightWave 11.6 e NevronMotion Final Releases width= Rilasciato LightWave 11.6 in versione finale: 3D Printing Support - Spline Control - Raycast Node - DPX Support - CgFX Shaders - Compound Node - NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 / Pro - Alembic Object / Cache Loader - Python Improvements - New Color Picker - Stereo Camera Offsets - Surface Baker Camera - VPR Interaction Speed - Motion Vectors for Instances.
E NevronMotion per Lightwave 11.6 che utilizza Microsoft Kinect per catturare movimenti in real time.


 LightWave 11.6 SIGGRAPH 2013

LightWave 11.6 SIGGRAPH 2013 Presentato LightWave 11.6 al SIGGRAPH 2013, principali novità: Spline Control (Spline IK), Raycast Node (Nodal Motion enviroment), 3D Printing Import/Export (STL, PLY, VRML con surface coor data), LW Color Picker, CgFX Shader (realtime OpenGL in Layout), Alembic Support e altri miglioramenti.
Presentati anche nuovi tools: ChronoSculpt e NevronMotion


 Lightwave 11.5 out!

LightWave 11.5 out! LightWave 11.5 con molte nuove features! Dongle-Free Licensing, Bullet Soft Body Dynamics, Bullet Forces, Genoma, VPR Update, Rolling Shutter, Edge Rendering Node Control, Flocking Update, FiberFX Update, GoZ™ Fiber Mesh™ Support, Adobe™ After Effects™ Support, Instancing Update, Modeler Tools Update, Workflow Enhancements ...


 OctaneRender per Lightwave

OctaneRender for LightWave Il team di OctaneRender ha annunciato ufficialmente l'integrazione del plugin per LightWave 3D sviluppato da juanjgon. Ora è possibile ottenere la preview fotorealistica in viewport, comprese anche le istanze, contiene anche il codice necesario per il supporto per l'animazione, supporta a Lightwave sub-division surfaces (SDS) e Displacement maps, Dinamics, etc.



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