Visualizza Versione Completa : Great news! EasySplit v2.1 for Macintosh with discount!

TrueArt Support
01-12-05, 11:09
Hello my dear Friends!

I have great news for the all Macintosh users out there! We made our the best selling Windows plug-in EasySplit working with Macintosh too! It's our Christmast gift to you!

If you the first time hear about EasySplit please visit our company home page http://easysplit.trueart.pl (http://easysplit.trueart.pl/)

From now pre-ordering begin for EasySplit v2.1 for Mac with discount $40 instead regular price $50! Only valid to the end of this week!
Secure PayPal/Visa/MasterCard/Wire Transfers, the all electronic methods of purchase are available to you!

You could watch video made by our client here

01-12-05, 12:31
Hey thanx for posting the news here in Lw ita . EasySplit is a great tool and our Macists will be happy of that!! :licantrop