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Discussione: Un'occhiata ad Octane per LightWave

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    Octane Render Un'occhiata ad Octane per LightWave

    Una veloce occhiata ad Octane per LightWave 3D, alcuni dati e comparazioni:
    A quick look at Octane for Lightwave di tndStudios

    Here, I highlight what I feel are some of Octane's most exciting features as a new user and make 3 comparisons:

    1) Lightwave's native radiosity

    2) Octane with a subpar GPU

    3) Octane with a production-level GPU

    It is quite interesting just how easy high detail renders and global illumination is with this 3rd party plugin for Lightwave. If you're serious about getting into GPU rendering, Octane definitely fits the bill and lives up to its pricetag.

    You can get the Octane demo for Lightwave (integrated) at:http://render.otoy.com/downloads.php
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