Video tutorial/guida di Ivan Barbarich su animazione e rigging con Genoma di LightWave 3D

Lightwave 11.6 - Genoma Rigging

This is a comprehensive guide to the workings of the Genoma presets for Lightwave.

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In the next video I will be covering Animations and workflows, also working with MDD files, morphs and I'll be covering walk a run cycles as well as an animal walk cycle, and some stretch rig setups.
Lightwave 11.6 - Genoma Rigging Part 2 - ANIMATION

This is the second part of the Genoma rigging tutorials..This video covers the tools and processes to get you started in animating your 3D characters.

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I show how to setup a scene for animating, I cover the graph editor, auto keys, create a Biped (Human) and Quadruped (Animal) walk and run cycles, working with MDD's, my custom Stretch rig and my production workflow.
Hopefully this will give you a better idea about animating in Lightwave...or any 3D app, the principals are the same.

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