Lightwave 2015 VPR compositing backdrop
by PrometheusPhamarus

First ever with voice over..Tada, so that´s about time, got me a new computer as well to meet more moderns standards.
Asus RogG20 nvidia gtx 180 32 gb ram i7 6700 3.4 Ghz

VPR and compositing feedback when using backdrop and alpha images.
spacehip model by Tan. J found on first recording ever with voice over, and since I´m swedish and do not speak english daily, and since I haven´t spoken
english for quite a while now, I might be rosty.... but it should get better along the road.

I do not think VPR feedback on the compositing like this was possible in lw 11.3..not sure though.

I missed mentionign the raycast shadows, you have to check use node and apply the shadowcaster material in the node editor, that was applied on a simple large ground plane, and if you use fog..make sure you enter the properties of the ground plane and turn off or reduce the amount of fog.