April 2013 LightWave Newsletter

April 2013 LightWave Newsletter
A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News
Posted: gio 25 Apr 2013

NAB 2013: A Broadcast MoGraph Success
NAB 2013 was a huge success for the LightWave 3D Group! Not only did we showcase the newest LightWave 11.5 After Effects Interchange for broadcast and motion graphics, we offered a sneak peek at forthcoming technology for LightWave—real-time mocap and puppeteering with LightWave and a Microsoft Kinect device. LightWave President Rob Powers also gave interviews and presentations about virtual studio tools and the film industry for Waskul.tv in the Intel StudioXperience that was streaming live worldwide during the show. Watch the videos and see the buzz from NAB 2013.

Studio Spotlight: Platinum Platypus
After years of rising through the ranks as a Senior Creative Director in the advertising industry, Pete Sussi's moonlighting as a freelance 3D animator became his full-time gig. In 2010, he founded Platinum Platypus, a 3D visual effects and animation boutique based on the LightWave 3D animation system. Moving from LightWave 9 to 11.5, Platinum Platypus continues to impress clients and is on a steady trajectory to ever new and exciting CG projects.

The Day Dragons Attacked the World
In the indie film Dracano, a volcanic eruption in the Pacific Northwest spews lava, steam and fire—along with eggs that hatch ancient, menacing, winged dragons that prey on man. Dracano viewers, however, would never suspect that three visual effects animators at Burbank-based Rogue State completed the movie's 220 visual effects shots in just six weeks using LightWave 11.5 3D software. See how their story is inspiration for indie film visual effects artists around the world.

The Creation of Shabyat
Bahrain Artist Khalid Abdulla al-Muharraqi, founder of Muharraqi Studios, relies on LightWave throughout his production pipeline for countless projects, including the creation of a Ramadan-themed cartoon environment for the television show Shabyat, which aired in the UAE and GCC. Muharraqi and his nimble team of six artists managed to create the 3D scenes for the entire Shabyat project in as little as 20 days.

LightWave 11.5 Cloth Video Tutorial
LightWave 11.5 includes many new enhancements that improve productivity for animation across an array of industries, from architectural visualization to motion graphics and visual effects.This month, LightWave's Cody Burke and Lino Grandi show you how to use Bullet soft bodies in LightWave 11.5 to drape and remove cloth, leading up to a big reveal.

Laughing at "Normal"
In an interview with French Artist Sylvain Delmé, he shares with us how he creates 3D web parodies that are based on political situations and top of mind scenarios—like the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. To create these amusing webisodes that have garnered fans around the world, Delmé relies on LightWave to create and render his comic creations. He also discusses the integration of LightWave 11.5 to his pipeline and how the new features streamline his workflow.

Into the CG Minds of "Iron Sky"
What does it take to make a movie about steampunkish Nazis who fled to the moon in 1945, only to return 60 years later from their lunar lair in space-worthy Zepplins? The answers are revealed in the indie feature film Iron Sky, which premiered in theaters worldwide in April 2012 and released to DVD in early 2013. Get behind the scenes insight in this interview with longtime LightWave artists Samuli Torssonen and Kelly Myers on the creation of this visually rich experience.

Pin It on Pinterest
We love showing off the amazing artwork created by the talented artists in the LightWave community. Our latest project is a new LightWave Pinterest page dedicated to showcasing the amazing art, videos and tutorials created with and for LightWave 3D software. Visit our page, see what we have to share and go ahead and repin and share with your friends. It's all about community and we're pretty sure ours is the best!

Prepare for SIGGRAPH Asia 2013
Preparations for SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 are right around the corner and the call for submissions has been released for a variety of programs at the show. With deadlines starting in early June 2013, SIGGRAPH is looking for myriad things—from Art Gallery and Computer Animation Festival submissions to Emerging Technologies and Technical Briefs. Submit your works and ideas for consideration to get yourself noticed.