LightWave Newsletter - Ottobre 2014

October 2014 LightWave Newsletter
A Roundup of LightWave Community and Industry News

Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Zitta
Digital Artist Lorenzo Zitta from Barcelona, Spain, knows how to create 3D art that demands a second look. Whether the still is computer-generated within LightWave 3D, an artful arrangement of digital photos, or a combination of the two, the composition of the scene – with its attention to detail and unusual merging of objects – elicits a closer look. Zitta calls it “photo manipulation,” and it definitely catches the attention of viewers. Learn more about this talented artist and see why we have selected him as our Power Artist for October 2014.

$695 Crossgrade Extended
No tricks, just treats! The $695 LightWave 11.6 Crossgrade Offer has been such a success that we are extending the offer until October 31, 2014. Any other 2D or 3D software program can be used to qualify and crossgrade to LightWave 11.6 for only $695 – that’s a savings of $800. Share the news and help spread the word about this incredible treat.

Under the Sea
Let’s go beneath the sea north of Rum, Scotland, where Bruizer Films has made a CG representation of the underwater terrain using LightWave, Sculptris and a lot of instancing. This underwater scene is so realistic; it’s hard to believe it is actually CG.

New Bundles with OctaneRender
The LightWave 11.6 and OctaneRender Bundle has been such a wild success that we decided to create additional bundle offerings that are designed to save you money and boost your productivity. All these include OctaneRender 2.0, and/or our ChronoSculpt and NevronMotion plugin. Bundle up today!

Detailing Ed
3D Artist Chris Jones continues to astound audiences with his incredible animations. His latest work in progress is Ed, a stunningly realistic human animation that uses LightWave mixed with Sculptris and Krita to deliver incredible results. Thankfully, this one includes shot breakdowns—otherwise you might find it hard to believe it is CG.

LightWave 11.6 Tutorial: Camera Mapping
In this tutorial video, Top of 33 Multimedia shows you how to set up Front Projection Camera Mapping in LightWave, a technique used to project an image onto simple geometry to give the appearance of three dimensions.

NevronMotion Wins 2014 CGAward
The industry voted on their favorites, and a panel of judges made the final decision…and NevronMotion for LightWave 11.6 is a winner for the most innovative plugin for 2014. NevronMotion takes advantage of the Microsoft Kinect camera for motion capture and retargeting of data in LightWave 11.6. For only $299, this innovative product can save many hours in the pipeline. Learn more about NevronMotion.

3D Artist Unveils Digital Book About LightWave
3D Artist magazine has created a digital book, available on iTunes, devoted completely to LightWave! Discover how to create everything from photoreal renders and futuristic landscapes to lighting and rendering. It also offers 50 tips and tricks from industry experts on modeling, texturing, animation, dynamics and more.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches and it's All LightWave
There’s a new Kickstarter campaign that will surely appeal to LightWave artists worldwide. Jeff Scheetz, founder of the DAVE School, has kicked off a campaign that is designed to help his graduates create a 3D feature length animated film around a former class project called NASA Seals. The best part? This film will be 100% LightWave—and, as you might expect, we like that! Check it out, fund it if you’re interested, and let’s see more awesome out of this team of artists!

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