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    Ultimate Preset Collection

    Ultimate LightWave3D Preset Collection

    Tutto il content di 3DXYZ.pro, lightwiki, messo a disposizione da Steven Scott presso questo link: https://lightwiki.co.uk/3DXYZ Presets.zip

    Annuncio da leggere sul forum NT: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread....set-Collection
    e ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8mW9m


    A fine collection of LightWave3D presets and Octane Render presets.
    All presets have been shared and created by The LightWave3D community and LightWiki Group http://facebook.com/groups/lightwiki
    Thanks goes out for all the support and help, including Lino Grandi and LightWave3D Staff , special thanks goes too
    and everyone else for the awesome work.
    most presets in the folders are default native LightWave3D presets , it's the initial DropBox folder so essentially you now have the full website contents, dig around some files are in folders some are also bundled in a zip or rar file.
    any problems with installing or using the presets , please visit our website thanks.
    Steph @lightwiki

    Download URL
    https://lightwiki.co.uk/3DXYZ Presets.zip

    File Size: 447 Mb
    Ultima modifica di mikadit; 03-12-15 alle 17:26
    Luci e onde del belpaese - LWITA.com
    CALCOLATORE STILL by htsoft - FEEDBACK Calcolatore still

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