Nuovo OctaneRender 2021.1.5 LightWave EOL Tribute build
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This is an Octane for LightWave EOL Tribute build including the latest Octane 2021.1.5 stable core. A lot of the new Octane 2021.1 features are not available (no new nodes and so on) but at least these plugin builds will guarantee the present and future compatibility with the latest GPUs and NVIDIA drivers, extending the EOL of the plugin for all the users still working with it, and including all the latest core fixes and even some new features.

This version supports Nvidia Ampere GPUs and as a consequence, we had to drop support for old Kepler cards with a compute model < 3.5. And please make sure to use a NVIDIA Studio driver with version at least 456.38 on Windows or 455.23 on Linux