LightWave Newsletter - 12 Marzo 2013

BUILT for design: LightWave 11.5 & Lwcad 4.5 bundle

There's a new Architectural Design Bundle available that couples LightWave 11.5 3D modeling, animation and rendering software with WTools3D’s all new LWCAD 4.5 software for LightWave. The bundle includes a powerful set of features that architects, set designers and interior designers can use to cost-effectively create professional 3D visualization and animation for the most demanding design projects. Buy the bundle, save $250, and you'll have everything you need to impress clients.

Power Artist: Eugenio Garcia Villareal

If you read 3D magazines and frequent online galleries, you’ve undoubtedly seen the work of 3D Artist Eugenio Garcia Villarreal. While he’s a relative newcomer to the industry, he’s prolific in the creation of environmental 3D stills and generously shares his techniques and workflow with other LightWave artists in the global community. Once you see his incredible art, you’ll see why we are pleased to name Eugenio the LightWave Power Artist for March 2013.

Cooking Up "Ratatouille" Kitchen

Artist Ben Cooper is a talented artist working at The Dreamvision Company/Character Matters in South Africa. He took on the challenge of recreating the kitchen in Pixar’s notable “Ratatouille” film using LightWave 11. Here he offers up a shot breakdown and shares some of his tricks for making this compelling recreation happen.

NOW Available: Free LightWave 11.5 30-Day Full Version

Anxious to try LightWave 11.5? Now you can get a free 30-day full version of f LightWave 11.5 to put through the paces in your very own production pipeline. Test drive the many new features in LightWave 11.5 like the Genoma rigging system with modular presets, predator and prey Flocking capabilities, per-object Instancing control, and soft-body Bullet Dynamics with support for FiberFX. Add the new Interchange Tools supporting Adobe After Effects cameras and Pixologic’s Zbrush, and stereoscopic and depth-of-field in the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) and you'll see what all the buzz about is about.

Unleash Character with Genoma

The new Genoma rigging system and preset libraries in LightWave 11.5 open the door to endless possibilities for character rigging. LightWave’s rigging expert Lino Grandi has created several new Genoma video tutorials that highlight the endless character rigging possibilities now offered in LightWave 11.5.

Utilizing GoZ for Polypainting

The GoZ feature for polypainting objects in ZBrush can be used to greatly streamline surfacing in LightWave 11. This powerful feature uses the Spotlight Projection feature to simplify the painting of textures to models from other images. The end result can be anything from cartoon-like to hyper-realistic. Cody Burke takes you step-by-step through the process.

Begin the Begin

Just getting started with LightWave? Check out the Beginner’s Video Tutorials section on the Official LightWave 3D page on YouTube. Here you’ll find many helpful tutorials—all designed to help you master LightWave.

VoluMedic Challenge: Join in the Fun

There’s a new LightWave 3D Contest group on Facebook that has launched a new challenge for the LightWave community. Participants are invited to create their most impressive work using VoluMedic CE, LightWave 3D and any free LightWave plug-ins. Winners of this particular contest will win the latest VoluMedic software, which is pretty impressive! Visit the LightWave 3D Contest page for all the contest rules and prize information.