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    Fissa dei Bugs o c'è qualcosa di "nuovo"?

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    Fissa dei Bugs o c'è qualcosa di "nuovo"?
    LightWave 11.6.1 Change Log - December 20 2013

    11.6.1 FIXES


    Interpolating the Alembic vertex cache linearly between frames for Motion Blur and more accurate vertex positions on export.


    Fixed Case 66847 Instancing not functioning in polygon mode
    Fixed Polygon instancing mode not working.
    Fixed Case 66873 Weightmaps in Instance Node Editor Crashes lightwave 11.6 2723
    Fixed Case 66367 Instancer wire color incorrect in viewport wireframe mode
    Fixed Case 67277 instancer crash when applying gradient/weight map for "weights"
    Fixed Case 67271 Crash in InstancerBVH code
    Fixed Case 67310 Instancer Polygon Zero Scale Still Problem
    When polygons get to zero scale their associated instances should disappear,
    0 size == 0 scale
    At present instancing evaluates in object space, so if you deform the polygon mesh the evaluated size is taken from the undeformed shape.
    To be able to scale based on the deformed size of the mesh to solve bug 67310 or for various special effects , we've added a checkbox to evaluate polygon size either deformed or undeformed.
    Fixed Case 67361 Object Collapser doubles polygons
    Fixed Case 67425 : 11.6.1 2725 Copy/Paste/Saving instance settings seems broken.


    Fixed Case 66868 Clearing camera doesn't offer to clear their children as well
    Fixed Case 67003 Move TCB command display error
    Fixed Case 67296 ParticleFX Birth Rate T button , fails when using images.
    Fixed Case 67255 Gradient Backdrop. Sky Squeeze etc not saved
    Fixed Case 67191 Audio problem when scrubbing in timeline frame by frame
    Fixed Case 65215 Incremental Object Saver in Layout doesn't work with multiple objects
    Fixed Case 67341 FFX point sample shadows not working.
    Fixed Case 67408 Flocking cache
    Fixed Case 67278 11.6.1 Package scene bug.
    Fixed Case 67320 pt1: Fixed a crash in the "MD Baker" UI.
    Fixed Case 67320 pt1: MD Multibaker and MD Baker XML break.
    Documented the "Generic_ExportFBXCommand" command
    Fixed Case 67493 New Scene Editor - Spotlight BUG


    Fixed Case 67071 Bad viewport display problems in Mac Modeler -- The previously current OpenGL context must be restored when our NSView-based GLView unlocks focus.
    ESCaping from a text field would not make the owning window accept keyboard input.


    Fixed Case 66956 Select by normal crashes Modeler when used on this object
    Fixed Case 67152 Weld 2.0 CRASH
    Fixed Case 66848 Chamfer snaps to first Morph in the list, when committing with the Tool. NOTE This is fixed BUT if there are any morph maps in the object the last one will be selected in the UI when the tool is run. This is a deep SDK issue, we're looking at ways of resolving this.
    Fixed Case 67473 Copy Edges produces extra geometry
    Fixed Case 67474 Copying Edges Clears Selection
    Fixed Case 67468 Problem of Japanese file name and MultiShift tool.


    Addressed Case 67204 Probe tool does not pickup info from stock input node in Nodal Motion. It is now possible for the probe tool to attempt to evaluate input nodes. However, these values are dependent on the context of the evaluation, so most of the time the probe will reveal values of '0' on the Input node.


    Fixed Case 66626 VPR and F9 render issue.
    Fixed Case 66998 Replace object while VPR is active and refining causes Layout to crash
    Fixed Case 66953 LW11.6: Synchronising Modeler with Layout whilst VPR running crashes Layout
    Fixed Case 66846 VPR crash when de-activating item with ItemActive() command
    Fixed Case 66838 F9 Renders Instances very differently from OGL and VPR
    Fixed for Case 67249 VPR Problem with displacement
    Fixed a bug that could prevent points from being rendered correctly with world space sizes (negative thickness).


    Fixed Case 60478 LWImageList->filename doesn't support some sequence functions.


    Studio punch-out value was not being set correctly.
    Luci e onde del belpaese - LWITA.com
    CALCOLATORE STILL by htsoft - FEEDBACK Calcolatore still

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