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    Basic City Build

    Basic City Build
    Tutorial di Mark Warner

    Create a basic city layout, starting with a design in Adobe Illustrator and imported into LW. This demonstrates the basic concept. LW’s native Spline Control is used through out and once applied to one object can easily be applied to other objects, quickly building up a network of roads. Buildings are simple boxes and animated using DP Kit’s Part Move. Boxes could be replaced with Instances for much more detail!

    Rendered using the Orthographic Camera for that isometric look. Comped in After Effects.

    DP Kit

    QuickDissolve (it’s a web archive so get it while you can!)

    Website: http://www.markwarner.tv
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/markWarnerTV
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    Ottima segnalazione. Appena ho tempo testo

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